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Yes sir, I do have it.
Its a little difficult and has a lot to work with, but I'll surely produce crap loads of songs within months with it, because I have so much spare time.
I'mma hate goin' to college.

Yessiree I will. Can't wait either. Well, not much to say, but I'm extremely hopeful to get this new program! :D

Well, You are... HERE! :3

2007-10-17 14:19:39 by dude-2004-1

Hiyas. Wanting to know who I am and how I'm doing? Well, so far, My family is pretty poor and I'm working minimum wage to become what I really want to do in my life... Become a video game producer or a high class Techno artist. Sure I can't do it now, but I've got potential to be one, hopefully...