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Entry #3

I has Reason, and I'm learning on it!

2008-02-09 06:17:41 by dude-2004-1

Yes sir, I do have it.
Its a little difficult and has a lot to work with, but I'll surely produce crap loads of songs within months with it, because I have so much spare time.
I'mma hate goin' to college.


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2008-11-19 05:11:15

Sweet man ive heard Reason is REALLY good and pro, and that Prodigy is making his upcoming album in it. And some of his previous... Anywhos and yesh im more of an FL guy, and honestly i would recommend you start off with that. FL has alot more sides to it than people think, imo it really is the best program out there =)

Recommended VST's:

Rapture for your bass

Nexus for your leads and pads, unless you find sytrus or something like that fitting.

Get those two and you will have teh most ahwzums ting tangs out dier!!! YESH!

Anywhos best of luck man!